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  • Wed, 15:43: RT @anarcharaccoon: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” https://t…
  • Wed, 16:02: RT @IvanSemeniuk: Alberta oil sands produce as many secondary organic aerosols as a major city. Here's that means:
  • Wed, 16:39: RT @ChrisWarcraft: Imagine being so bad at your job you turned a hero created by two Jewish guys to fight Nazis into a Nazi.
  • Wed, 17:32: RT @ChrisWarcraft: "Make Captain America bi!" WTF NO <RAGE> "Make Captain America a Nazi!" I'm just saying, give it some time, let's see…
  • Wed, 17:32: RT @madisonlawrence: marvel: it makes no sense that cap would be bi marvel: however it makes total sense that he would be a nazi cause ou…
  • Wed, 19:57: The Everyday Tarot by SpiderhawkDesigns via @Etsy Friend of a friend designed a new Tarot! It looks gorgeous!
  • Wed, 21:28: Nothing annoys me as much as gay men who expect us all to conform to some heteronormative standard of Queer identity for acceptance.
  • Wed, 22:18: @Marvel just made an iconic anti-Nazi character created by 2 Jewish artists into a Nazi. That's some serious bullshit! Bad form. Bad plan.
  • Wed, 22:59: Tech billionaire secretly funded Hogan lawsuit in bid to bankrupt Gawker Note: He was outed a decade ago by Gawker.
  • Wed, 23:37: Peeps who snapped at #Marvel 4 whitewashing saying "let's see how this plays out" w. #NaziCaptainAmerica Srsly!? WTF!?
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